James Kenton vs The State of Tennessee & Chadwick Jackson

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In 2022, James’ life was thrown into disarray when unfounded felony charges resulted in his professional license, property, and boat being confiscated. Detective William Thorowgood was a key figure in this troubling incident. Despite the baseless accusations being dismissed and James’ property being rightfully restored, the State and Assistant District Attorney Chadwick Jackson continued their pursuit.

This website is designed to equip you with factual, unbiased information about James Kenton’s lawsuit against the State of Tennessee and ADA Chadwick Jackson. We aim to expose the civil and constitutional wrongs committed against him and exacerbated by unfair media coverage.

James Kenton’s story is not an isolated incident. Countless individuals are subjected to wrongful accusations across the US. The impact of these unfounded charges is far-reaching, extending beyond the immediate legal repercussions.

The accused suffer in numerous ways: their mental health is affected, their friendships and familial relationships turn sour, their career bears the weight of the accusations, their financial security is compromised, and their reputation is tarnished.

Through this website, we strive to undo the damage done to innocent lives across the US. We pledge to relentlessly pursue change and stand as a catalyst for reform in the face of widespread legal inequity. We’ll continue to shed light on these injustices and work towards building a system that truly upholds justice.

Together, we can drive change. The fight is far from over; it’s only just beginning.

About James Kenton

James Kenton, a dedicated roofing contractor based in Nashville, Tennessee, is a resilient individual who stands as a symbol of strength in the face of adversity. With deep-rooted connections to his community, James has built a reputation for quality service and integrity in his profession.

After being wrongfully accused of a crime he didn’t commit in 2022, James took a stand against the injustices and promised to keep fighting. He filed a lawsuit that spotlighted the civil and constitutional violations he endured. He also invested his time and energy into building this website, a testament to his dedication to seeking justice, not just for himself but also for the countless people who underwent a similar ordeal.

Join us as we push for change, bring truth to light, and advocate for innocent people who have been unjustly treated. Your support can make a world of difference. Stand with us. Stand for justice.

Explore Important Documents Regarding the Criminal Case Against Kenton

Are you here because you want to learn about the James roofing Tennessee fraud? Join us as we delve deeper into the legal documents, develop a better understanding of what actually happened, and seek justice.

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